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In December 2017, a dream to create a pioneering family fitness and wellness revolution in Costa Rica, that contributes to happier individuals, more connected and empowered families, and more conscious communities that protect the environment was born.

This year my heart wants more!!! I am bringing the essence of this beautiful event into Denmark as I embark in a road trip adventure with my kids and my hula hoops to activate PLAY, PLEASURE and POSSIBILITY in all the people that come in contact with us.

It is my goal to give away at least 33 hula hoops, teach how to hula hoop HoopYogini style to at least 333 people along the way. I want to touch the hearts of at least 333 people that send a thank you card to someone special and I want to give away more of what I most desire for me and my family: JOY - CONNECTION - GRATITUDE and SUCCESS.



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The 3 Daily Habits for a Strong & Happy Mom Mind is the first product I launched when I started my coaching business. These 3 habits are still part of the foundation of the coaching that I do today. It is valued at $97 USD and from May 2019 you can have access to it for only $47.

ONLY $47



3 Daily Habits Journal

Video 1 - Connect to Your Power  

Video 2 - Activate Your Power

Video 3 - Trust Your Power

Daily Writing Prompts

Meditation 1 - Connect to Your Power - AM intention setting

Meditation 2 - Activate Your Power and create Magic - Gratitude Quickie

Meditation 3 - Trust Your Power - PM celebration and forgiveness

All the meditations have been created with customized music using healing frequencies to help you:

Feel good and align with your highest potential

Retrain your brain so that you can focus on what you want

Open up your heart and shift the energy inside you

so that you can release and let go of expectations


“I want people - especially my children - to remember me as a fun, generous, loving and strong woman, who always had time to listen, who followed her dreams and hear heart, and who inspired others to do the same.”
— Adriana Carballo

I am a busy mother of two (7 and 11), a perfectionist Virgo and (former) control freak.

I love traveling and red wine, walking barefoot in nature and I am passionate about learning how to live a naturally empowered life that supports me and my family into living healthier, happier and more conscious lives.

I am very good at washing clothes but I am terrible at folding and putting them away when they are clean.

I am looking forward to hearing in which ways these 3 Daily Habits have support you in your journey of living, creating and parenting with JOY!


Here are 3 ways the 3 Daily Habits Journal will change your life forever

  1. You'll feel excited about your day and develop a firm belief in your ability to create what you want.

  2. You'll retrain your brain so that you can stay focused on your highest priorities.

  3. You'll open up your heart and shift the energy inside which will help you to easily release unwanted thoughts, let go of too many expectations so that you can go to bed with a sense of control and accomplishment.

What moms are saying about the 3 Daily Habits Journal

This is nothing like other journals, this is a true life changing experience that every mom should do. Even the best mom can improve. I’m now excited where before I was drained and frustrated.
— Sara Lingenfelter, USA

Sara Lingenfelter - Mom & Business Strategist www.virtualbizpartneracademy.com


The three meditations to Connect, Activate and Trust Your Power have been very effective for me to work with. They generate more energy and excitement, two of the feelings I’ve been craving to experience for a long time. Moreover, the soothing sounds of the music is literally felt in the body. The vibrations of the music support the empowering words very well. As a result, I feel more excited and empowered to parent my son with a sense of flow, patience, acceptance and joy.
— Cecilia Vinkel, Copenhagen
I’ve always been told journaling is important, but when you explain how important actually writing it is and why. That was huge, I was then excited to write things down. It’s also helped me to stay focused on my highest priorities, not over commit, and to feel good at the end of the day accomplishing something important.
— Sara Lingenfelter, Missouri, United States
I feel that all moms can benefit from the 3 daily habits journal. In the videos, Adriana clearly explains each daily habit and why it’s important. Adriana is both knowledgeable and passionate. Her enthusiasm is infectious, evoking a feeling of excitement and hope for happier experiences. Moms often don’t prioritize self-care, but doing so can be transformational. Taking the time to do these recommended daily habits will not only decrease overwhelm, but also help moms to create the lives they want.
— Munni Visco, USA
The meditations reinforce the habits and also serve as a tool to maintain a sense of calm in the busyness of the day. This product shows moms a way to raise their vibration and feel more joy.

Munni Visco, Relationship Clarity Coach, USA - www.munnivisco.com 

I’ve been working with the 3 Daily Habits and with Adriana as a coach for some months. Her guidance and methods have meant so much to me, both professionally and as a parent. I had been going through a tough time, and right away, her powerful tools to create more joy and feel more freedom, put me at ease.
— Cecilia Vinkel, Copenhagen

More Love & Gratitude Notes about my work

Adriana exudes enthusiasm, patience an understanding throughout the entire process.
I have come so far in my life with Adriana by my side.
Thank you for showing and reminding me that I am a creator, beautiful spiritual being, and that I am WORTHY to live the life of my dreams.
Adriana is truly inspirational
— Nadia Appleby, South Africa
Adriana took me through a “Clarity through Contrast” exercise which I found to be extremely helpful for clearly articulating what I wanted to attract. In the process of writing down what I didn’t want, it was so easy to see what I did want. I loved being able to see a list of desire statements that seemed achievable. The power statements I created based on those desire statements created a shift of emotions from helplessness and overwhelm to feelings of hope and empowerment. Reading those power statements keeps me focused and motivated to achieve my goals. This exercise was a great tool for helping to shift mindset in order to take inspired action.
— Munni Visco, Relationship Clarity Coach www.munnivisco.com

I have realized that I can’t just go around waiting for a perfect day. I need to have the clarity of what I want. I have stopped speaking about all kinds of things that annoy me when having dinner with my family. Now I have noticed I talk about things that excite me and make me happy
— Tatiana, Copenhagen
I’ve learned that it is important to take time for yourself and let yourself appreciate the moment and what life has to offer, no matter how many things I lack in it
— Anastasia, Copenhagen

I am a first time mother to a 15 month old beautiful daughter. I found out about Adriana from a very dear friend and coach who told me Adriana was the best I could speak to given my current situation. I work from home and manage a very spirited child, I was facing complete chaos in my life and everything from managing time, work, my daughter and not being able to spend any personal time was bringing me to the low point in my life. With just my first call with Adriana I was enamored by her bright smile, kind heart and willingness to help me meet my goals. Adriana steered me towards the basic step 1 of working with the way I think. My biggest take away from our lessons together was that I can create space for everything I wanted. I find Adriana’s voice so soothing when she guides and takes me through different practices that I can incorporate in my daily life. The exercises we did together are transforming. Her coaching is truly invaluable”
— Jisha Joseph, Dubai
I came to Adriana because I needed assistance balancing my time between work and family. I found her approach to be gentle and her ideas to be insightful. After just 2 sessions, I learned strategies & creative ways to balance my life and feel like a more “present” parent. Adriana is kindhearted, compassionate, and understanding. Working with her has been a great blessing in my life.
— Cami Sullivan, Support Coach for Divorced Christian Women - www.aplanforhappiness.org