Hola! I am Adriana 

I am originally from Costa Rica, and living in Denmark since 2004. Both countries called the happiest countries in the world.

On the surface I am a life coach, a mother, a HoopYogini Master Teacher, and a Hoop Love coach, but what I really do is to activate happiness and connection and add joy into the every day lives of families around the world.

I believe that happiness takes continuous effort to create and to maintain and that living with JOY is possible in every area of our lives. My work is focused on HELPING BUSY MOMS INCORPORATE MINDFULNESS AND A HULA HOOP PRACTICE TO GO FROM EXHAUSTED AND DISCONNECTED TO HAPPY AND EMPOWERED, as a woman and as a family.

I use the hula hoop as a meditation tool, that also adds movement into your life and helps you feel more playful, peaceful, focused, sexy and connected with you body and your loved ones AND to learn how to bring all of that to other areas of your life.

I also believe in PERFECT DAYS. Perfectly imperfect days as I love calling them. We can create and experience a life that is perfect for each one of us and our families without compromising our mental, physical or emotional health. I want mothers to make self-love and self-care a priority. By putting yourself first your are putting your loved ones first too.

In my work I blends my passion for living with joy, empowering families and women, holistic wellness and movement into a unique and powerful offering to help you activate play and possibility in your life.


Adriana Carballo is HoopYogini instructor and Master Teacher, HoopLove Coach, doTERRA Wellness Advocate and a Quantum Success Life Coach. 

She is creatress of Powerful Moms, 3 Daily Habits for a Strong and Happy Mom Mind and the founder of the festival RECONÉCTATE, the first hula hoop, yoga and well-being festival in Costa Rica with a mission to create a space to play, explore and discover new ways to live happier, healthier and more conscious lives.

In July 2019, she started started Happiness in Motion in Denmark, a family road trip in Denmark to activate happiness and connect people through the power of circles, movement, gratitude and play.

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EPISODE 7 Relaunch My Life Radio🎶 IS LIVE

This week's episode is with Adriana Carballo, owner of Powerful Moms - hear from her raw journey to redesign her life after the difficult end of her marriage, with 2 young kids. 

She now serves the world, empowering Moms to find their strength and learn to support themselves in truly transformative ways. — with Juliet Lever .

Listen to this Episode of Relaunch my Life HERE

“I believe that it is so important for moms to ALWAYS find the time to figure out what is important to them, and to understand that finding their own JOY and acting from a place of connection with who they are as human and spiritual beings, is the only way they can powerfully and positively influence their children”
— Adriana Carballo, Powerful Moms

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I adore this courageous beautiful woman! We had five glorious days together at Luna Lodge in Costa Rica and in addition to her beautiful presence she also led us in her HoopYogini exercises. I so admire anyone who can make exercise fun! Adriana Carballo embodies joy.
— Mira A. Furth, Massachussets - USA
“I am a first time mother to a 15 month old beautiful daughter. I found out about Adriana from a very dear friend and coach who told me Adriana was the best I could speak to given my current situation. I work from home and manage a very spirited child, I was facing complete chaos in my life and everything from managing time, work, my daughter and not being able to spend any personal time was bringing me to the low point in my life. With just my first call with Adriana I was enamored by her bright smile, kind heart and willingness to help me meet my goals. Adriana steered me towards the basic step 1 of working with the way I think. My biggest take away from our lessons together was that I can create space for everything I wanted. I find Adriana’s voice so soothing when she guides and takes me through different practices that I can incorporate in my daily life. The exercises we did together are transforming. Her coaching is truly invaluable”
— Jisha Joseph, Dubai

I came to Adriana because I needed assistance balancing my time between work and family. I found her approach to be gentle and her ideas to be insightful. After just 2 sessions, I learned strategies & creative ways to balance my life and feel like a more “present” parent. Adriana is kindhearted, compassionate, and understanding. Working with her has been a great blessing in my life.
— Cami Sullivan, Support Coach for Divorced Christian Women -

Being a coach myself I can say Adriana is a fantastic coach! She’s really good at understanding you and where you are coming from. She masters her material and leaves you empowered to take action and continue pursuing your goals and getting the results you want.
I definitely recommend working with her.
— Monica Millares, London UK

Adriana exudes enthusiasm, patience an understanding throughout the entire process.
I have come so far in my life with Adriana by my side.
Thank you for showing and reminding me that I am a creator, beautiful spiritual being, and that I am WORTHY to live the life of my dreams.
Adriana is truly inspirational
— Nadia Appleby, South Africa

I was lucky enough to speak to Adriana when I was searching for a job, and finding myself becoming more and more demoralised by the lack of responses I was getting. Adriana helped me to shift my perspective to see that somewhere out there would be someone who was searching for an employee who had exactly my skills and experience. Adriana made me see that in that situation, they wouldn’t be ‘doing me a favour’ by giving me a job, but would actually be delighted to have found me. I continued my job hunt with this new perspective and a couple of weeks later found a job with an awesome company who are thrilled to have me on board. Thanks so much, Adriana!”
— Eli Trier, UK

I have come to know Adriana as a very passionate and loving person and coach. Her vision to help other moms to feel empowered is so in alignment with who she is. She masters a lot of knowledge and tools to do her work and I am so grateful for having her in my life.
As a mother of 3 children I feel Adriana on several occasions has guided me to bring my focus in the right place. She is such an inspiring person and I have taken several of her ideas and used with success in my own family life. I feel so uplifted every time I am connecting with Adriana and grateful and proud to call her my friend.
If you feel any urge to find a coach to help you re-connect with your own personal power as a busy mom, I would with no hesitation contact Adriana. She is open and honest and you will be in an empowered guided place.”
— Charlotte Friborg, Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Florida

Adriana is a wonderful person. She helps you see
how beautiful you are and the amazing person you are. She coaches in a very positive way and she is always loving.
Enthusiastic and happy are words that describe her in her coaching work and she really manages to make a difference with her work.
She expresses things with so much joy and happiness that you definitely
will be inspired and will try it out.
— Charlotta Grundberg, Sweden

I have worked with Adriana Carballo at the beginning of 2015. We had seven sessions together. I was at a time of my life of great changes, losses and stress. When we started I was mostly in a dark place and very often unable to function in my usual normal way. The doctor diagnosed depression and gave me pills that I did not want to take and was lucky to be put in touch with Adriana on the internet as I knew there was other ways to address my painful situation without the side effects of medication. Her positive energy, clear directions, her caring and the different coaching techniques she taught me as well as her deep knowledge of the laws of the universe gave me practical and useful tools to shift my negative outlook on things and have helped me from session to session to regain normality in my every day life and even to reconnect to joy. Moreover my sleep patterns have improved greatly, which add to the quality of my life.”
— Soizic Timon, London UK