Happy Mother's Day - Super Mom vs Powerful Mom

I wrote this post yesterday Saturday August 15th as it was Mother's Day in Costa Rica, and I want to dedicate it to my mom.

I have realized that every time I mention that I am working on a super hero theme to support the the message of my business, people immediately think of a SUPER MOM and the first images that come to their minds are those  of octopus looking women with arms growing from all over their bodies doing a million things at a time, or images of a woman showing up her big and strong biceps with a big smile and a tattoo that reads mom.

There is nothing wrong with those pictures, and there is certainly nothing with a SUPER MOM, but what I do is not about being a SUPER MOM or teaching you how to be one, and that is why I thought that it was important for me to share with you my idea of a Powerful Mom by listing her super powers and unique skills.

But before doing so I must warn you! because I know that some of you may not yet believe that these super powers exist, or in your ability to activate them and express them, but hey!!! That is exactly what I am here for!

So here they are:

A Powerful Mom knows that she has the POWER to create anything that she wants

A Powerful Mom begins her day with a GRATEFUL heart

A Powerful Mom says I LOVE YOU very often

A Powerful Mom creates with her HEART and not with her BUTs

A Powerful Mom laughs and cries and understands her FEAR

A Powerful Mom knows how to FORGIVE

A Powerful Mom knows that she always has a CHOICE

A Powerful Mom in constantly looking for what makes her FEEL GOOD

A Powerful Mom ALWAYS has time for what is important to her

A Powerful Mom CHOOSES her battles wisely

A Powerful Mom CELEBRATES her successes

A Powerful Mom sees an OPPORTUNITY to learn, to grow and to expand her powers in every minute of her life

A Powerful Mom ADMIRES the super powers of others without questioning her own

A Powerful Mom knows that she is NOT ALONE

A Powerful Mom goes to bed with a GRATEFUL HEART

A Powerful Mom TRUSTS her super powers