The longest journey is the journey inwards. My journey began with Gratitude.

“GRATITUDE is the memory of the heart and the vibration of the Universe”
This is how I went from feeling alone, confused, afraid and not loved to feeling beautiful, joyful, confident and enthusiastic.

Gratitude transformed my life and the way I live my life and it has the potential to transform yours. Today I want to share with you the very first article I wrote for the Affirmations Magazine a couple of years ago. This was the first time I wrote a little bit about my story and shared my favorite tips to practice gratitude.

This Thanksgiving Day kicks off the holiday season in the United States and I want to encourage you all to drop into heart and remember to remember all the good things that happen every day in our world, all the wonderful people that make a difference in your life, all the love that is around you, and most importantly all the love that is inside you. Because it is with this love inside of you that you have the power to create magic outside of you.

Read the full article and get my favorite gratitude exercises here.