How my daughter manifested money with JOY (and changed the weather too)

The basis or our life is FREEDOM, the purpose of our life is JOY”
— Abraham

Back in 2014 when I was taking my coaching education and learning about the 7 Essential Universal Laws I heard this quote about freedom and joy for the first time. I was learning about energy and how we are vibrational beings sending out signals to the universe with all the energy that moves out of us - in the form of beliefs, thoughts, feelings, actions, etc. - and how what we experience in our reality is a direct reflection of what is going on inside of us.

I heard for the first time that anything that we desire in our lives we desire it because deep inside we believe that we are going to feel better when we achieve it. So really, the purpose of anything that we might be desiring to be, do or have, we desire it because we believe it is going to give us pleasure or make us feel in certain way.

The crazy thing about the Law of Attraction that says that we attract to us the people, events and circumstances that match our vibration, is that we need to feel first before we can get anything that we want.

This is just the way it is. It is not possible create more love, connection and support with your partner (or to attract a new partner because we want to feel unconditionally loved and supported), if we going around feeling lonely and unfulfilled; and complaining about all the ways that you don’t feel loved and supported. We can’t expect our children to listen to us and to improve their behavior if we are feeling frustrated and constantly talking about how bad they behave and not believing in them.

It all begins with each one of us. We need to be and feel what we want before we can have it.

Everything is energy and what is already in our reality is energy that is already manifested but it was once a thought, a desire, an intention. So we want to intend to constantly be aware of the vibration our body is under so that we can deliberately begin to shift the energy inside of us and see the reflection of that in the outside world.

So if JOY is really the reason why we want anything then if we just take some time to create our intentions, ask ourselves how we want to feel when we get what we want and we consciously focus our attention and our energy into doing more things every day that make us feel that way, then we will begin to attract more and more things that make us feel like that.

Today I want to share with you how this worked out for my daughter Lucía one day.

My son Marco got a last minute invitation to overnight at one of his friend’s. Lucía got a bit sad because she didn’t have a playdate that day and we actually had talked about doing something together the three of us. Marco is a bit older and it is much easier to organize last minute play dates and other activities with his friends.

Lucía’s friends are younger (so is she) and many of them have a lot of after school activities, so it’s not so easy for us to do the same and she had a period where she was a bit sad because Marco had too many play dates and she didn’t.

This day I said to her we could do something together and she could decide where she wanted to go. She immediately said she wanted to go to the zoo. I didn’t tell her but I was not so happy with that idea because the weather was kind of crappy and I didn’t have a lot of money.  I got a bit anxious and began to think about getting there and paying for the entrance just to come back home after five minutes because it was cold, and rainy.

But then I remembered one story from my teacher Christy Whitman where she talked about how we can control the weather with our intention. I also remembered how I myself have done that in the past and it has worked out, but I was still a bit afraid of saying that to Lucía because “what if it didn’t work?”

So I put myself together, and talked to her. She loves the zoo and she was so happy and excited about it. She was talking about having ice cream and buying a little stuffed animal or something and I was thinking about not having lots of money but I know better, right? I know that I am the creator of my own experience and this was a great opportunity to pass that onto my daughter in some way.

I asked her what she liked more about the zoo, and how it feels to eat ice cream and why she loves the zoo’s gift shop so much. We talked about it and how we were going to do all that and also how the weather was going to be on our side so that we could enjoy our time at the zoo.

Here’s what we did:

We created a ball of light with our hands where we put all our intentions. This is an exercise I learned from Christie Marie Sheldon - an intuitive healer and the founder of Love or Above

What you do is that you imagine you have a small ball of light between your hands, and you just begin to fill it up with all the things that you want.

  1. Imagine a small ball of light between your hands.

  2. Think about what you want and begin to fill the ball up with your intentions.

  3. You bless your day, or whatever you are creating saying I bless my day with pure love and light. I bless my day with purified source energy.

  4. You bring the ball into your heart.

  5. You send the ball out to the Universe

Lucía and I created our ball and we put good weather, ice cream, a small gift from the gift shop, and we also put all the animals we wanted to see. I also encouraged  her to put our bus ride to and from the zoo and off we went.

It was so cold, and it began to rain when we got into the bus, but Lucía was so happy and excited. We sang songs for the sun to come out and she was in a very good mood. And that is contagious. I felt so good too and had this big beautiful smile on my face just looking at her. We were really enjoying ourselves and ignoring the weather (and the amount of money in my wallet)

A few stops before we had to get off, this older man got on the bus and sat very close to us. We were sitting in the very back of the bus and Lucía was singing and singing. Her couldn’t help it and kept turning back to look at us and smile. Two stops before getting off he got up and gave Lucía 3 coins of 20 danish crowns each and said that she had lighten up his day. She was so happy and the first thing she said was “see mom, I got money for an ice cream”

As we stepped off the bus, it stopped raining and a little bit of sun came out. It wasn’t much, but enough for us to enjoy the zoo and come back home dry and happy.

Just as JOY is the purpose of all that we want, we are the creators of our own experience and we have the FREEDOM to choose whether we want to do more things that make us feel good or we want to continue to let life happen and create by default without consciously directing our thoughts and our energy toward what we want. 

I would like to encourage you to try this this week. Set your intention today on Magic Monday, to create your ball of light every morning with all what you want to experience during your day. Put the feelings in there and consciously commit to do more things every day that make you feel good. I would love to hear what happens. 

With love & gratitude


P.S. Here are some pictures from our day at the zoo.

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