Three steps to set your intentions up and create magic in 2017

Happy New Year to all of you beautiful and lovely Powerful Moms!

It was only one year ago when I first heard about how only 7-8% of the people that set New Year Resolutions actually achieve their goals at the end of the year. 

One of the articles I read, mentioned that the reason why resolutions seldom work is because we create them based on the type of person we're tired of being rather than from a place of being connected with our true potential.  I believe that the true purpose of our life is to show up as the best version of ourselves every day, while we also become the best version of ourselves in our journey. In the book Conversations with God, the author writes that we don't need to create anything but instead we just need to discover and experience who we really are. And who we truly are is, wonderful beings with infinite pure potential. We have an unlimited ability to love and the power to be, do and have anything that we set our minds and hearts to (and that we allow ourselves to receive). So reading this article and the reason why resolutions seldom work made lots of sense to me.

Because we are meant to grow and expand, everything that has happened before yesterday has given us an opportunity to be the person that we are today


Along the way I've learned that setting goals and creating resolutions are activities filled with masculine energy. And many of us (especially women) fail because we believe that to accomplish our goals we need to make never ending to-do lists, with unrealistic deadlines expecting specific results,  that at the end of the day make us feel unfulfilled and not good enough because we were not able to cross our list off. Setting goals is an activity that comes from our heads and not from our hearts. 

Masculine and feminine need to work together, to co-create together. We want to create goals and we want to feel our way through life too.


We want to create resolutions from a space of knowing that there is always room for growth and to learn something new. A space filled with the energy of possibility, love and trust rather than a space filled with old regrets and beating ourselves up. 

So today, I want to share with you an easy 3 step process that will help you create INTENTIONS (not resolutions) from a feeling place embracing the feminine energy of just being and expressing more of what you already are, so that you can begin to create a magical 2017. (this is all about setting an intention, it doesn't mean that you have no goals and just sit there waiting for things to fall from the sky. The energy of "doing" is also necessary to make things happen)

All you need is a few pieces of paper and a pen, but I would like to encourage you to buy a beautiful notebook or journal where you can keep your intentions. Magic Monday is a weekly blog with tips and inspiration to set up your intentions and create the life you desire so you might feel like following along and keep it all in the same beautiful notebook. 

Step One: Getting into the feeling place.

Find sometime for yourself and get comfortable with a glass of wine, cup of tea or your favorite smoothie. In this step you are going to activate the feeling of gratitude and create a gratitude list. Take some minutes to look back at 2016 and make a conscious effort to remember as many good things as you possibly can, and write them down. You want to feel good in your body and you want to feel good in your heart. You want to create from the heart. 

Why and what does gratitude have to do with creating magic?  Everything in our Universe is energy. There is manifested energy (all what is already in our physical reality) and un-manifested energy (our beliefs, thoughts, emotions, feelings, desires). Whatever we want to experience in our physical reality begins as un-manifested energy, the creative energy. We attract to ourselves the things, people and circumstances that match our energy. If we want to create something new or better this year, we want to create it with good, positive energy. Gratitude is the easiest way to align our energy with the energy of what we want.  We can not be, do or have something better, if we are not able to feel grateful for who we are and what we have in the present moment.

By making a conscious effort to remember and focus on all the good things from last year you will activate a powerful energy in your heart. Energy that vibrates at the same frequency of the Universe.


If any bad memories come to your mind that make you feel anything but good about good you can choose to see those experiences as a gift or as lesson given to you to grow and to be become a better person.

Step Two: Find your Magic Word.

Decide on a theme word that is going to represent what you want for this year. This word is going to be a FEELING WORD. It is going to be the feeling that you most want to experience in your life.

Think about all the different areas of your life. Reconnect with that feeling of gratitude that you just created and from that feels good and expanded, allow yourself to dream about you want. Think about the kind of person you want to grow into, throughout this year. Then take a moment and reflect on how becoming this person and achieving your goals is going to make you feel. If you were standing right now on December 31st, 2017 and you have achieved what you wanted, how are you feeling? What is the feeling that you want to express more in your life, to cultivate more?

Why and how can one word help you create magic and get what you want? Emotions play one of the most important roles when working with the Law of Attraction and manifesting our desires, because in order to manifest anything in our physical world, we have to feel it first in the inside. There is really no way around this. 

Clarity and focus are also needed every time we want to create change in our life. You've probably heard that everything begins with a dream or with an idea. I like saying that every thing begins with an intention. The problem is that most of us start the year with many intentions, and super excited about all the (too many) changes that we want to make, but without a plan to make it happen. Our energy is scattered all over the place, we get easily overwhelmed and that reflects in the kind of results that we get. In the worst case scenario, we end up giving up and at the end of the year we feel like we're starting all over again. 

When you choose one word you have clarity and focus. This word will constantly bring you back to your center, to your priorities, to the feeling that you want to feel and it will help you make decisions that are aligned with what you want. 

By choosing one theme word you’ll be moving forward toward the future that you are envisioning today.


You'll be able to ask yourself: is this decision going to make me feel - insert your word here - or not? By taking this action will I be closer to feeling - insert your word here - or not? After you have chosen your word, you want to make a list of all the things that you know make you feel - insert your word here - .

My feeling word for 2016 was connection. I wanted to feel more connected to my soul, to myself, to others, to nature, to the Universe. I also wanted clarity, especially in the area of business:  how I wanted to make a difference with my business; and in the area of love/relationships:  I felt the desire to open up to the possibility of having a new man in my life after my divorce, but I was not sure if I was ready and willing to make that commitment and create the (physical and emotional) space for that to happen.

By consciously choosing to feel CONNECTION I developed trust in my ability to ask my heart for help, I created the space to be able to listen to the answers and I allowed the Universe to set up the events, people and circumstances that would help me find the clarity I was looking for.

Some words can be: Peace, Joy, Love, Present, Connection, Gratitude, Trust, Freedom, Hope, Sexy, Positive, Slow down, Happy.    

Step 3: Take action and burn the ships. 

Everything in our reality is a reflection of our beliefs, ways of thinking, feeling and acting. If we want to create something different that what we've creating, we need to start believing, thinking, feeling and acting differently.

We can't continue doing the same things, and expecting different results because as the wise Einstein said: that is the definition of insanity. 

 To do this differently we need to let go of the old beliefs that have been keeping us safe and small not daring to even dream about the possibility that we are valuable enough and we deserve to live a life that we love. Magic happens outside our comfort zone, to step out of our comfort zones requires action, and sometimes that action is to burn the ships. 

In 1519, Captain Hernán Cortés landed in Veracruz with an army of not too many men compared to "the enemy". Upon arriving, he gave the order to Burn the ships, saying to his men, either we win or die. A story about success and about going back to the safe not being an option. 

Bring back the picture of who you want to be by the end of this year and before going into the burning your ships part of this process, ask yourself these two questions, and write down your answer:

What do I need to believe about myself, about the people around me and around the world in order to make this happen?

What action can I take today that is going to make me feel good and get me closer to achieving my goals?

Then you are going to burn your ships.

Ask yourself this question and write down the answer.

What ships do I need to burn? What do I need to let go of and what am I willing to let go so that I can begin to live the life that I want? 

Why and how can I create magic by burning my ships? The Universe loves us and supports us, the Universe likes speed, the Universe wants to know that we are committed to creating and living a life that we love and for the Universe to give us what we want, we need to have the space in our hearts and in our physical reality to receive it. 

We can't get something new if we're holding on to the old. We need to be brave enough to burn the ships that keep us feeling safe and comfortable so that the Universe can do its part. 

Those ships have many forms. They can be physical and/or emotional like: old resentments, bad habits, nasty voices in our heads that tell us we are not good enough, feeling like a victim, our desire to control people and circumstances, lack of trust, not willing to forgive, excuses, blaming others for what we do or not do, relationships that no longer serve us, old stories you keep telling yourself, embarrassing moments from the past, even an ugly vase that you got as a present and just don't dare getting rid of it because you feel guilty.  Everything is energy, and anything that keeps going around and around in our head making us feel bad is just renting space and holding us back to allow more good into our life. 

Burning the ships requires courage and we'll certainly feel fear, but if we continue to leave our ships in the harbor, what we are telling ourselves, others and the Universe is that we are not fully committed. We need to take action, every day towards our dreams. We want to take action guided by our feelings and we want to trust that as long as we stay true to our feelings and continue to take baby steps, everything will unfold as we desire - or even better. 

Take some time today to do this exercise and get ready to create a magical New Year of 2017.

With love & gratitude


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