Creating with goosebumps - the sign that the Universe is right there with you

Today I want to share with you a little story about why I love it so much when I get goosebumps and what I mean when I say that we can create with goosebumps.

The book Ask and it is Given is one of the first books I read about the Law of Attraction. It has many of the processes that I now use in my coaching practice, with my clients and also with myself - and my children - .

What I loved the most about this book is the story Esther Hicks tells about the first time she made contact with her spiritual guides - a group of spiritually evolved guides that call themselves Abraham..

She tell how she was meditating fifteen minutes every day - sometimes more than once a day - for nine months. She was doing this because that’s the message she got from a lady that was channeling information from her own spiritual guides. Esther had been to a session with her and she just loved it, and she wanted to have her own.

The instructions from these other guides was to meditate fifteen minutes, sitting comfortable and breathing. “When your mind wanders, and it will, release the thoughts and focus on your breathing”. And that’s what she did.

But nothing really happened until nine months after when she realized that she was spelling letters in the air with her nose. And that is how Abraham made contact with her.

When she began to understand more and more the messages from Abraham she was told that they were giving her messages for a while but she wouldn’t get them. She was so focused on her breathing and ignoring the thoughts that she was getting because those were the instructions, so Abraham had to find another way to come in contact with her.

She continues telling how she felt wonderful sensations that rippled through her body when she realized she had come in contact with her spiritual guides and when she asked about that to Abraham, they said that those sensations were the JOY that they felt upon her recognition of the communication that had been established.

When I read that part on the book, I got goosebumps myself, and since that day every time I get them I catch myself smiling because I’ve decided to believe that when that happens it is because the Universe is telling me: I hear you, I’m here, all is awesome and everything that you are asking for is already on its way to you, keep going, keep having joyful thoughts, smiling to life, doing what you love.

How to create with goosebumps

Remember that everything that you want you want it because you believe it is going to make you feel in certain way. All your desires - no matter what they are - vibrate a high frequency and you need to match the frequency of your desires in order for them to manifest in your physical reality.

So when I say that you can create with goosebumps, what I want you to think about is one thing that you want and then just take some minutes to think the most extraordinary, incredibly awesome thoughts you can come up with about how amazing it would be if you had that right now.

What are you doing?

Who are you doing it with?

Where are you?

What can you see around you?

Just have fun with it and continue until you can feel the goose bumps in your body.

And when you do just notice how good you feel. Notice the big smile in your face and say hi and thank you to the Universe.

And if you are as crazy as I am, then you can begin your own lovely conversation with the Universe. It will of course look like you are talking to yourself, but hey! It’s kind of the same thing. You are part of the Universe and the Universe is part of you.

Abraham explained that they had been offering these blocks of thoughts to me for quite some time, but I was so strictly trying to follow Theo’s instructions - which said, “When your mind wanders, and it will, release the thoughts and focus on your breathing” - that whenever one of these thoughts would begin, I would release it as quickly as possible and focus back upon my breathing. I guess the only way they could get through to me was to spell letters in the air with my nose. Abraham says that those wonderful sensations that rippled through my body when I realized that I was spelling words was the joy they felt upon my recognition of our conscious connection.
— Esther Hicks, Ask and it is Given

With love and gratitude


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