About intentions, brains and lots of love

Your brain is designed to keep you safe, comfortable and alive, and it’s pretty damn awesome at doing its job. Isn’t that great?  I would say yes, but unfortunately your brain - just like mine -  doesn’t play fair most of the time when doing its job. Because to keep us protected and in our comfort zone, our brains will most of the time try to cheat us into believing a whole bunch of stuff that is not real.

Like when we have a burning desire to create something new or better in our lives. NEW is definitely not a comfortable word for our brains. And God forbid we mention NEW and BIG, bigger and better than we ever had thought or imagined could be possible. Our brains will feel very, very uncomfortable and because it is so damn good at what it does, it will start bringing all the sleazy methods to convince us, that NEW, BIG, WILD are dangerous and it will do its absolute best to convince us to not go for it. And a lot of it, if not all of it is usually not true.

But our brains are one of the most powerful tools that we have to create what we want. They are the control center of everything that we do and don't do.  They are just not designed to make us happy, or to make our dreams come true. It is our job to do that.

So how do you get your brain on your side?

You tell it what you want.

With your dreams, desires and intentions.

Go ahead and write them down. Think big, dream big. Take a few minutes to really go super wild and crazy writing down a few sentences that describe a life that you feel with all your heart, is the one you really want to live.

You identify the ways your brain is trying to keep you safe.

Also small and let’s face it, stuck without daring to go after your dreams.

If you did the first step right, you felt super good and excited BUT now you are probably feeling how that excitement begins to fade. Is your brain. It was sitting super comfy watching How I met your mother in Netflix (that’s what mine has been doing too much of lately :-) ) and it’s now scared because it doesn’t really know what to do with all those big dreams of yours. Don’t ignore it. It’s just doing it’s job.

Instead you are going to read your desires again and pay attention to all the BUTs that are going to start coming up.

You know them, they might also sound like excuses.

Usually they sound something like this:
I would love to … BUT I don’t have enough time

I would love to … BUT I don’t have enough money

I would love to … BUT I’ve tried so many times before and I haven’t succeeded

I would love to … BUT my children don’t ….

I would love to … BUT my husband will never ….

I would love to … BUT I don’t know how to do it

I would love to … BUT I’m too fat, or too old, or too young.. You got it.

I would love to … BUT what if I fail?

I would love to … BUT what would - fill in the blanks -  think about me?

I would love to stop/start … BUT - fill in the blanks .

You tell it that you are aware of what it’s trying to do

Awareness is the absolute first step to change. You will not be able to change anything or move forward unless you are aware of what it is that is keeping you stuck. This one is easier said than done but everything and anything is possible. You can do it. Every time you catch a BUT you say thank you, I know what you are doing, I love you and I’m still doing it. It would be super cool if you come with along. Actually if would be so cool if you help me figure out how to do this?

Consistency is very important here, because your brain WILL NOT give up so easily. You will have to keep going until your brain eventually gets it. You have to take control and show that this is important. Your brain will eventually realize that you are serious about it.

You give your brain some love

February is the month of LOVE and this week, as you set your intentions I want to encourage you to consciously choose to love your brain more.

I got this list of 7 ways you can love your brain better from a lovely Powerful Mom who is also a Neuroscientist and a Mindset Success Coach.

Choose one of them and commit to strengthen your loving relationship with the control center of everything that you do and don’t do.

Beautiful Mind.png
“Our brain is responsible for our hearts beating thousands of times a day. It also allows us to feel the emotions that help us to deepen our relationships”
— Shonté Jovan Taylor
  1. Sleep more (7-9 hours) or Better - to manage emotions, weight, creativity and memory
  2. Meditate - just 10 minutes a day can increase your brain mass, focus and IQ

  3. Drink 100 ounces of water - Your brain is 80% water. If it gets dehydrated you get mentally drained and stress hormones are sent out to the boy & skin.

  4. Walk outside briskly for 20-30 minutes - This increases brain and body blood-oxygen flow. It also connects you with nature enhancing your 7 senses (yes 7) allowing for a calmer state of mind and greater intuition.

  5. Sit less - Sitting less decreases blood flow to the brain

  6. Read 20 minutes a day - Stimulate your brain and grow more brain cells + IQ

  7. Visualize a place you want to be - Close your eyes and imagine yourself where you want to be. Your brain will light up as if you are really there, forming real connection, drafting mental pathways to your dreams and eventually into reality.

With love and gratitude


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