How much freedom are you allowing yourself to experience

I truly believe that the purpose of our lives is spiritual growth and to become the best version of ourselves. This can only happen if we choose to see everything that happens to us and everyone that we attract into our lives, as an opportunity to learn something new about ourselves and as opportunities for growth.  

When I started my journey into personal development someone said to me:

Do you want to be the result of what happened to you or the result of what you learned from that happened to you?

For the first time, I was presented with the possibility of choosing the direction of my life, which in other words meant to take responsibility of my life.

Until then I had been busy hosting my own victim party, feeling sorry for the loss of my marriage, feeling powerless because of the decision that someone else had made, and allowing this experience and other people decide how I felt and telling me how I was supposed to live my life.

Freedom is our birthright but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be our experience in this lifetime. The choices that we take every single moment will determine how much freedom we allow ourselves to experience. 

We can not control what happens around us or what other people choose to do or say. But we do have the power to consciously choose how we are going to respond to what happens to us. We have the power to choose the thoughts that we think, the way that we speak to ourselves and to others, the actions that we take or don’t take, and most importantly: how we want to feel in every given moment. We are and we will always be free to choose between responding based on expectations, preconceived ideas, comparing the now with previous experiences or responding in a way that makes us feel free and empowered.

This week as you set your intentions for what you want to create, I’d love to encourage you to create a stronger inner feeling of freedom. And here are a few ways that you can do that:

  1. Think of freedom as the ability to choose what you want and as the knowing that you are in charge of your own life.

  2. In every given moment, no matter what is going on, you can create a sense of freedom by realizing that you are free to respond, act and feel in any way that you choose.

  3. Know that freedom is your birthright and it is something that you create for yourself. It is not given to you and it can not be taken away from you. You can however choose to give it away.

  4. If someone says something/does something you don’t like,  you can choose to think that the person is just having a bad day, or he/she doesn’t know a better way to act rather than reacting with anger or taking it personally and feeling like a victim.

  5. If your kids don’t listen or misbehave. Before saying something like “my kids never listen” you can choose to bring memories of all the times they have listened and behaved nicely.  You can choose to take a moment and breathe deeply so that you can calm down before reacting in a way that you have tried before and you know, it doesn’t feels good.

  6. If you feel like your partner is now showing or giving affection to you, take a moment to think of all the ways he actually expresses these qualities. Even most importantly, reflect in which ways you are showing and giving affection to yourself. Other people act as mirrors to show us something we are doing (or not doing) to ourselves.

  7. If you catch yourself at night before going to bed thinking about all the things that you didn’t get done and feeling bad about it, you can choose to focus on finding all the things that got done, say loving words to yourself knowing that you did your best. What about seeing this as an opportunity to create a new belief that empowers you like “I always have time for everything that is important to me”. The more you say this, the more you’ll start to ask yourself “what is really important to me right now?”

  8. Make a conscious decision today to look at all the ways you express your freedom to choose and do what you want already. Examples: You are free to take a shower in the morning, to choose the clothes you want to put on, what you’ll have for breakfast, what you’’ll buy at the supermarket, how you get to work, to pick up the phone or wait and call back later, to turn the phone off when you pick up your kids at school, to drink coffee or tea, and many more.

Remember that just as everything else you are the creator of your own experience. Intend today to experience more freedom in every area of your life, realize in every possible moment how free you really are and allow more magic into your life.

With love and gratitude,


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