What do you want to believe

The most important decision we’ll ever have to make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile Universe
— Albert Einstein

Back in 2014 I attended my first business workshop in Copenhagen where one of the speakers had this slide with a picture of a smiling man with the quote:

"Think with your head and not with your but"

What I loved about the picture was that even though it said BUT, the man's BUTT was taking most of the public's attention.

The speaker wanted to make a point to us about all the excuses we use that stop us from taking action. When I got home that night I wrote NO BUTS on my board :-)

A few months after, I began learning about the limiting beliefs that we have which not only stop us from taking action but also from believing in ourselves and believing in the other people around us.

A belief is a thought that we have thought over and over and that at some point turns into something that we tell ourselves to be true. Because we believe in it, we focus on it and then that is what we get.

One of the first decisions I had to make at a crossroads in my life was if I wanted to believe that there was a Universe - or a GOD -  out there, that loved me and adored me, and that wanted me to be, do and have all what I was beginning to allow myself to dream about at that time. I also needed to decide if I wanted to believe that I deserved it and that I had all what I needed to make it happen.

There was this part of me that really wanted to believe in that, and there was this other part of me that was afraid.

I learned that the part of me that wanted to believe, is the part that knows that I am pure joy, love, abundance and pure potentiality. The part of me that knows all I really have to do is to know what I really want.

I also learned that joy comes from thinking and acting from that place within ourselves that knows who we really are,  and not thinking and acting with our buts that also love us - in a disempowering way -  but want to keep us small and safe.

I made a decision

Create with your heart and not with your but, became my new mantra.

Because I chose to believe that my heart is the part of me that knows everything and anything is possible. I decided I wanted to listen to my heart more often and that I also wanted to be courageous enough to let my heart lead my way.

No matter who you are or where you are in your life right now, if you are wanting to create something better or something new, it is important that you take a look at what you believe and most probably you are going to have to replace limiting beliefs that disempower you and hold you back with the powerful beliefs that will support you in your journey of creating the life you desire.

Why? Because your beliefs guide your thoughts and emotions, which turn into your words and actions, which will determine what you can attract into your life.

Today, as you set your intentions for what you want to create this week, ask yourself these powerful questions:

What do I need to believe about myself so that I can create this that I want?

What do I need to believe about the people around me so that I can create this that I want?

What do I need to believe about the world I live in so that I can create this that I want?

What do I want to believe and what belief that no longer serves me, am I willing to let go of right now?

Today you have the power to decide that you want to believe you are good enough, that you are worthy of creating the life that you desire and deserve, that people around you love you and want to help you and, that the whole Universe out there has your back.

The choice is and will always be yours!

With love and gratitude


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