3 reasons why you believe you are not making progress

Have you ever wondered why you are not feeling accomplished and successful, even though you managed to get the kids ready in the morning and get out of the door on time, finish that one big project at work, buy groceries on the way home, cook dinner, and maybe even had time to exercise and to be with your partner after the kids go to bed?  

I have done that many times, and even though I’ve learned how to turn this feeling around so that I feel good and proud about myself, I still forget sometimes. I know now, that there are reasons why I believe I’m not making progress and I don’t feel successful. Today I am sharing three of them with you because if you feel like you are not making any progress, you might be doing the same.

You are focused on what you haven’t accomplished rather than celebrating what you are doing right

No matter how small or big our successes are, it is very important to make a conscious decision to celebrate them. Remember that what you focus on is what you attract. If you are focused on what is going wrong your thoughts will be infused with negativity and that will be the energy that you send out, therefore attracting more of the same to you.

Each success builds on the one before. Celebrating your successes is recording the evidence of the power you have to create what you want, it helps your mind build a stronger belief in your ability to get what you want, and when your mind gets stronger and gains more confidence, you fee that too. Little by little you develop the belief and the knowing that it is possible to create more and more success. 

Last week I experienced this when after one week of training at the gym, I found out I had gained weight and began to wonder what I was doing wrong and why I didn’t lose weight instead. My friend Scott - who is helping me with the training - pointed out how I wanted to celebrate the fact that I am showing up every day, and to focus on how much stronger and energized I am actually feeling.

You are not sure about what you really really want

Most of the time are so focused on getting results and we forget that the real reason why we want something, is because we believe we are going to feel in certain way when we get it. If you feel like you are doing too much without getting results it might be a good idea to ask yourself what is the feeling you are going after or the essence of what you want. The essence is the function you want this thing to perform, the purpose you will use it for, or whatever you think it will give you . Many things other than what you are wanting right now might give you the essence and feeling of what you want. When you are clear on that, you can direct your thoughts towards figuring out what you can do to experience more of that every day, and be open to receiving it in whatever way, or form is most appropriate right now. 

When you know the essence of what you want, you open to the possibility of getting it in many ways, easier and faster.

You don’t have space for what you really want

You’ve probably heard this before “You can’t put something new in a space without cleaning up the space first”

This one is all about letting go of what no longer serves you so that what you really want can occupy that space. And this can be a bit tricky because most of the time, what no longer serves you are thoughts and beliefs that you are not aware of.

So if you know that what you really want is to feel FULFILLMENT AND SUCCESS then you want to pay attention to the thoughts you are thinking, the words you are saying and the actions you are taking that do not make you feel that way.

You want to become more aware of what doesn’t help you get what you want, so that you can let it go and have space for what you really want.  

As you prepare yourself to set the intentions for what you want to create this week I want to encourage you answer these questions:

What do I want to accomplish this week?

What  is the feeling that I am expecting to experience when I get what I want?

What can I do more of/or less of every day that makes me feel like that?

How can I create space for what I want?

How can I set myself up for success and remember to celebrate every day?  

It is said that the day of the Full Moon is a great day to release old habits and beliefs, to celebrate the fruits of your efforts and to take action in the direction of what you really desire. Yesterday I shared my favorite processes to do that and you can check the Facebook live video HERE

With love and gratitude


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