How do you know if you are attracting abundance or pushing it away

Last week I shared my mantra “Create with your heart and not with you but” and explained why I believe that my heart is the part of me that is connected to that field of pure potentiality and unlimited resources that knows everything and anything is possible. I also mentioned how every time we want something we tend to state our desire and follow it by a BUT, which is usually a reason - or excuse - we tell ourself about why we can or can’t have what we want.

Those buts are based on fear and not on love. Fear that we are not enough, that there is not enough, that we are not worthy of being who we want or having and doing what we want, and many more.

BUTS are beliefs that we have accepted to be true and we haven’t even dare to question them. Not because we don’t dare, but because we don’t even know or believe that they can be questioned.

So today I want to share with you one of the most powerful laws of the Universe - the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance - and a list of 21 beliefs that come from love and 21 beliefs that come from fear, so that you can check in with yourself and question what you believe.

By doing this, you will have a choice to choose what beliefs you want to keep and what beliefs you are willing to let go of.

The Law of Sufficiency and Abundance states that there is an unlimited supply of every wonderful thing we can imagine and every epic experience we’d love to to have. This law states that there is enough for everyone. Every other belief that we might have about this not being true is a lie that we have bought into. A lie based on fear, a lie of scarcity and limitation.

This law also states that you and I have everything within ourselves right now to create a life far beyond our wildest dreams.

I got this list from my teacher when I was taking my coaching education and learning about the Universal Laws. Back then I realized how much I had been living in fear and how much the beliefs I had about myself, about other people and about the way our world works, were holding me back. I wouldn’t even say they were holding me back from living, they were holding me back from not even daring to dream that I could create a life that felt like a dream.

Go ahead and take a look at this heart opening list and find out if your beliefs are supporting your journey of being the creator of your life, or pushing your desires away from you.


A belief is a thought you’ve thought over and over that at some point turned into something you automatically tell yourself is true. When you believe it to be true, you focus on it and that is what you keep experiencing in your life.

If you want to create something new or better in your life, you have to question your beliefs about your ability to be, do or have what you want. No matter what you have thought to be true before. Today you have the choice to choose that you want to believe different and to choose that, from today you are going to think these new empowering thoughts over and over again until they override the old ones.

As you prepare yourself to set the intentions for what you want to create this week I want to encourage you to fill in the blank spaces below:

One belief or thought based on fear, lack and limitation that I am willing to let go of today is: ......................................................

One new belief based on love, abundance and unlimited potential that I intend to believe is: .......................................................

With love and gratitude


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