7 reasons why you haven’t (yet) gotten what you want

Have you ever asked for something and felt disappointed right after, because you never got it?

Maybe you’ve prayed to God, asked the angels for help or even applied Law of Attraction principles, but lost faith and you don’t believe in prayer or asking for what you want anymore?

Or maybe you feel like you tried and failed, and you are now afraid or resistant of asking for something new or better again?

I grew up praying to God and to my angels, and since I started learning and working with the law of attraction, I’ve asked for many things too. In my life, I’ve felt disappointment, confusion, doubt and even anger because what I wanted didn’t show up. (and I have expressed that disappointment and anger to God, to my angels and to the Universe almost every single time too). So if you are having any of those feelings, I totally understand.

But one of the most fulfilling and rewarding feelings, happened when I finally changed my beliefs about the reason why all those things that I wanted never showed up - or haven’t shown up yet.

And that’s what I want to share with you today. This week’s Magic Monday blog includes seven factors that might have affected your desire and how they can be the reason why you haven’t gotten what you want.

Factor # 1

You were not very clear about what you wanted

Being clear about what you want is very important. If you once asked for something and it didn’t show up, it might have been because you were not 100% about what you wanted.

If you recently asked for something and you feel like is not coming to you, then take some minutes to reflect whether you are very clear about what you want or not. Gaining clarity is an ongoing process and a lot of the times, this process begins by becoming more aware what you don’t want or like. So if you are not sure about what you want you can start by taking a look at the discomfort around the situation.

Be clear that you don’t want to experience this anymore and then ask yourself: What do I want instead? The more you do this, the easier and easier it becomes to narrow down what you really want. No matter if it a feeling or a very specific situation, if you are not clear about what you want, it will most probably not show up in your life.

Factor # 2

You changed your mind

I would like to encourage you to entertain the idea that anytime you ask for something, your desire immediately starts making its way to you.

So, if you’ve wanted something in the past that didn’t come to you, or if you are wanting something right now and it’s not coming, take some minutes to reflect on whether you are clear about what you asked for, or you’ve changed your mind, by the time your desire was coming to you. Because if you did, then you are delaying the process.

This story helped me understand this better and it might help you as well:

Imagine you are going to one of the best restaurants in the world, known for its extraordinary service and the quality of the food. This is the first time you are in this restaurant and there are so many options but after a few minutes of looking at the menu card, you decide on what you want and you place your order. The waiter goes to the kitchen and they start preparing your dish immediately.

However, after a couple of minutes, you change your mind so you call the waiter and ask for another dish. The waiter goes back to the kitchen and changes your order,  then the kitchen staff will start preparing your dish all over again. Imagine this happens a few more times.

Two things could happen: One, you might get too overwhelmed by the doubt and decide not to eat there anymore. Two, you’ll get your food but you had to wait much longer for it.

Factor # 3

You didn’t want it as much as you thought you did

This can happen, so you probably lost the excitement along the way and didn’t think so much about it anymore. If you wanted something in the past and you didn’t get it, you might have stopped energizing/feeding your desire with good positive energy. Or maybe you just found out along the way that there was something else you wanted more.

Factor # 4

You lost faith or focus

Remember that everything is energy. Your desires have energy, just as your beliefs, your thoughts, your emotions, your words and your actions. When you want something you gotta have faith and trust in God or in the Universe that want you want is on its way to you. When you do believe this, then you can put your focus on getting clear about what you want and putting your attention on doing things that you like that keep your energy levels high and positive because where your focus goes energy flows.

If you face doubt along the way, then you want to remember that you always have a choice of what you want to focus on. Do you want to energize the doubt or do you want to energize your trust in God and in the Universe?

“To achieve anything you only need to do two things, identify the object of your desire and then get out of the way to make it happen. In other words ASK and figure out a way to achieve a vibration that allows it”.
— Abraham

Factor # 5

You didn’t get out of the way

Maybe you’ve asked for something in the past and you thought you had faith and trust in the Universe, but the truth is, that you never really let go of your desire to control the situation or you kept asking questions like when, how, how long?  You stayed around wondering, worrying, doubting or asking the wrong questions to the Universe.  

As children bring their broken toys with tears for us to mend, I brought my broken dreams to God, because He was my friend. But, then, instead of leaving Him in peace to work alone, I hung around and tried to help, with ways that were my own. At last I snatched them back and cried, “How can you be so slow?” “My child,” He said, “What could I do? You never did let go.”
— Connie Merritt

Factor # 6

You were not open to possibilities and surprises

Maybe you asked for something and you just wanted it to happen or to show up in a very specific way, shape or form. By doing this you put limits to the Universe on how it can deliver your desire.

Because your desire didn’t show up, you might have lost the courage to ask for something new or better again.

Get in the habit of being open to surprises, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want and say to the Universe: I want this or something better. If you ask from your heart, if you feel excited about what you want and if you are willing to receive it in the best possible way, the Universe will find a way to deliver it to you.

Factor # 7

What you wanted wasn’t good for you

You really want to trust that you are meant to live a life filled with love, with joy and abundance, and you also want to trust that God and the Universe want you to live the life of your dreams.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want and need to be able to feel supported and to fulfill your higher purpose in life. Know that you are loved and supported and if you’ve asked for something in the past and you didn’t get it, there was a reason for it.

Remember that you always have a choice on what you want to believe and that your beliefs are a magnet to shape your reality.

If not getting what you wanted in the past, have made you believe that you’ve tried and you failed, and you are wanting something new or better today not daring to ask for it, I encourage you to question your old belief and decide today what you want to believe from now on.

Do you want to believe that you tried and failed and are not supported,


Do you want to believe that you are unconditionally loved and supported, worthy of living the life of your dreams, and that there is always a good reason why you didn’t get exactly what you asked for but that you’ll get something better?

I can. (3).png

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