33 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

“if you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”
— Nikola Tesla

When it comes to manifesting your desires, you have most probably heard this many times….

  • Like attracts like
  • You have to shift your vibration so that you can begin to attract better things into your life.
  • The energy that you send out needs to be a match to the energy of your desires.
  • You have to be what you want before it can come to you.

Why is this so important and how can you raise your vibration to become a magnetic match to your desires?

Science has revealed that we are more than just our physical bodies. Everything in the Universe that we live in is ultimately composed of energy, and energy vibrates at a certain frequency. According to the Law of Vibration, everything resonates with something else that at any given moment is vibrating at the exact same frequency.

So if you are vibrating at the frequency of love and joy, you will attract people and circumstances into your life that are vibrating at the same frequency.

If you are vibrating at the frequency of freedom, success, confidence and money, you will attract circumstances and people that possess the same vibration and you will therefore continue to experience more and more of what you are vibrating.

The same goes for debt, doubt, worry and frustration. If you are vibrating at the same energy of worry, your vibration will attract more to be worry about.

Your thoughts, feelings and your actions have energy and they are constantly vibrating at a certain frequency.


This is why it is so important to be more aware of the vibration your body is in, at to learn how to control your vibration and consciously direct your energy in the direction of what you want.

It is really all about learning how to focus on what you want instead of on the fact that you don’t yet have it, and it is about doing your best to BE the energy of what you want.

This is a process that takes practice and it is much easier said than done but it is possible.

My absolute best practice for this is this:

  1. Make a list of at least 10 things that make you feel good.

  2. Set an alarm in your phone for every hour.

  3. When the alarm rings you stop doing what you are doing and pay attention to how you are feeling.

  4. You consciously choose to do something that elevates your vibration.

It is said that it only takes 17 second to shift your vibration. So if you catch yourself thinking thoughts that make you feel down, stressed, etc. just by putting your attention into something else that and staying focused on that for 17 seconds your energy will shift. Then by the Law of Vibration you will continue to attract more thoughts that match your new frequency and if you manage to do this for 68 seconds you have created such a powerful shift in your vibration that by the Law of Attraction you will begin to attract whatever matches your new vibration.

Here are 33 easy and fast ways to raise your vibration.

1. Make your High Vibes List. Make a  list of at least 10 things that you like or put you in a good mood. People that make you laugh, places you love visiting, books to read, jokes, funny clips, songs, activities with your children, etc.

2. Create a good vibe momentum. Life really happens one moment at a time and you want to get in the habit of waking up excited about your day so that it is easier for you to carry that energy throughout your day. Do these 3 things before you get up of bed in the morning: Smile, Say Thank You for this day, Say I am excited about this day and I wonder what amazing things I am going to experience today.

3. Make a list of all the things you’d like to create. Include places you’d like to visit, people you’d love to meet, experiences you want to have, vacations you want to take with you children, new hobbies, books to read, etc.

4. Look at yourself in the mirror. Wink and eye and say I love you gorgeous.

5. Starve what you don’t want and feed what you want. Pay attention to your words and get in the habit of redirecting conversations in a positive direction. Talk about what you want, what you like and how you want to feel, rather than what you don’t want or don’t have. Talk to yourself with love, compassion and appreciation.

6. Pamper your body with essential oils.  My favorite two oils as I write this post are Wild Orange - an uplifting oil also known as the oil of abundance - and lavender, a super calming and very good before sleep. My children love it and often ask me to smell it before bed and put some drops on their pillows. Read about the daily self-care ritual of a Powerful Mom in this Magic Monday post. It is a self-care and self-massage in the Ayurvedic tradition - Abhyanga.  

7. Remember how amazing you are. Write a list of at least 10 things you like about yourself, including skills and qualities.

8. Start a Daily Gratitude Practice. Write a Magnetic Gratitude List.  Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations and it is also said to be the vibration of the Universe.

9. Think of someone you love or someone that you feel joyful when you are with him/her and give them a call. Just like gratitude, love and joy are high vibratory emotions. You will notice how good you feel when you do this.

10 . Get curious. Look for at least three new things around you that you haven’t noticed before. The energy behind curiosity is powerful and playful and a super easy way to put you in a good mood and raise your vibration.

11. Get out and play. JOY is a healing energy. Go to the playground and swing in a swing or build a castle in the sandbox with your kids. Make soap bubbles. Make silly faces. Play hide and seek and find silly places to hide yourself like laying on top of the kitchen table or just throwing a blanket on and stand in a corner. I know this sounds very silly but I promise you’ll have fun.

12. Be out in nature. Walk barefoot on the grass or sand or just walk outside and breathe the fresh air.

13. Get creative and manifest with colors. Search for mandalas and chose a few that you love to color them with your favorite colors. There is powerful energy behind each color. Think of each color and how it makes you feel when you are coloring and think or dream about things that you want as you color. A beautiful and bonding activity to do with your kids. 

14. Stop and breathe. According to neuroscience, taking a break to just breathe deeply at least six time will reset your brain and shift from stress to relaxation. When you are relaxed your energy is calm and you allow yourself to think more clearly, and in this state you allow yourself to notice what is happening around you, what you are thinking, how you are feeling and search for ways to feel better.

15. Watch a funny clip or a joke. You can save them on your phone as FAVORITES so you can easily find them when you need a boost of energy.

16. Write a thank you note. Think about someone that makes a difference in your life, that you don’t express gratitude to and write a thank you note.

17. Do an act of service. As easy as holding the door for someone, or letting someone go before you in line.

18. Smile. You’ll be surprised how just by consciously choosing to smile you feel a difference in your energy. Try this at the office, or outside. Just walk around smiling to every single person you see without saying anything.

19. Activate the hormone of abundance. Oxytocin for women and adrenaline for men. Hugging someone, holding the hand of someone you love or kissing a loved one will get oxytocin flowing in your body.

20. Sing and dance like nobody’s watching. I recently read this on Facebook. Never underestimate the healing power of listening to your favorite music on full blast while jumping around the house like an idiot.

21. Give someone a compliment. Just like in nr. 16 and 17, doing something for others automatically raises your vibration and you will also activate the energy of appreciation.

22. Listen to music with high vibratory frequencies. You can listen to my 7 minutes Gratitude Quickie Meditation with healing music here.

23. Walk with your hips. I love this one. Sometimes it can feel like it is our head leading our way, and even if your feel are the ones always doing the work, play with this one and put your attention on your hips. You don’t have to pretend to be on a catwalk, just let your hips lead the way. You will raise your vibration, activate feminine energy and it feels very good.

24. Lead your heart lead the way. Just as above, get ready for a short walk, back straight, shoulders back, breathe deeply, chest out, imagine your heart is open, smile and walk imagining your heart connecting with the hearts of all the people around you.

25. Hoola hooping and pooping. Waist hooping is one of my favorite ways to elevate my vibration. I learned to waist hoop as an adult - only a couple of years ago and when I do it I feel Goddess energy, I feel joy, connection and success. Hooping is not only great for your body, your sexuality and your sensuality, it does amazing things for your digestive health. Here’s a great post from my friend Jocelyn Gordon from Hoop Yogini.

26. Skip for tooth brushing fun.  A great way to add some fun to what some times can be a challenging and boring situation when your kids don’t want to brush their teeth. Ask them how they’d like to get to the bathroom and suggest skipping.

27. Read one page of your favorite book. My absolute favorite book for this is Living with Joy. A book from the Spiritual Guide Orin channeled by Sanaya Roman. Orin says that you can just open the book and wherever you land, that’s a message for you from your guides.

28. Write down how you feel. Buy a beautiful notebook and journal and write on it when you are experiencing sad or fearful emotions. Write about your sadness, your fears, your doubts, etc. Awareness is the way to change and most of used have grown up without paying a lot of attention to our emotions, avoiding them, ignoring them, judging them, or making them mean something that they don’t. Many times, all it takes to feel better and release the fear, is just talking or writing about it.

29. Get rid of old stuff. Everything is energy and if you are holding on to old stuff that you don’t use, or are holding on to something that doesn’t give you joy or makes you feel good when you see it, it’s gotta go. No new or better things can come into your life when you are holding on to the old.

30. Avoid negativity. This includes disconnecting from negative social media, news and being surrounded by negative people.

31. Attract positivity. Surround yourself with people that  make you feel good about yourself when you are in their presence. Happy people that love, accept and appreciate themselves will always be able to love, accept and appreciate others with all the good, the bad and the ugly. :-)

32. Forgive. It is said that not forgiving is like drinking poison expecting the other person to die. If you are holding on to old regrets, old hurts from the past, etc. you are holding on to that low and dense energy inside you and all that is part of your own personal vibration. You can make a list of as many events and people that are still renting space in your head and heart. Take one at a time (starting from those that you feel more “negative” about)  and use five minutes and repeat  I’m Sorry, I Love You, Please Forgive Me, Thank You.

33. Release and celebrate before you go to bed. Just as you wake up in the morning and create the good vibes for the day, is is good that you take time at the end of the day to release any bad memory or thought from the day, and to celebrate your successes. No matter how small or big they are. Get the 3 Daily Habits for a Strong and Happy Mom Mind for free here.

With love and gratitude


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