You are your best Mother’s Day Gift

I believe that one of the most important things for us moms to do is to ALWAYS find the time to figure out what is important to us, and to understand that creating our own JOY and acting from a place of connection with who we are and who we want to be, is the only way they we powerfully and positively influence our children
— Adriana Carballo

Feeling more energized, present and having more time with my children (and being able to enjoy this time) are some of the desires many moms have shared with me. They are also on the top of my own list of desires when it comes to my life as a parent.

No matter how difficult and challenging it might feel to be able to have all that and much more, it is absolutely possible. A good way to start is by getting in the habit of prioritizing ME time to do more of what gives you energy and makes you feel loved, happy, focused and, fulfilled. 

Mother's Day is coming up soon and in Powerful Moms we believe that the best gift you can give yourself on Mother’s Day and  every single day, is the gift of your well-being and self-care.

Because it is when you take care of yourself, and fully give and express love to yourself; that you can take care of, give and, express love to your children and to your loved ones too. 

That’s why this week I am sharing a the daily self-care and self-love ritual of my beautiful friend and powerful mom Jocelyn Gordon.  A simple ritual that will give you glowing skin, an improved immune system, healthy circulation and will leave you feeling cared for, loved and abundant - from the inside out.

As a Powerful and Magnetic Mom, one of my most nourishing practices, is my daily self-care ritual of self-massage in the Ayurvedic tradition - Abhyanga.  

With a 16 year amazing daughter and another one who is just 16 months, it can be challenging to maintain daily habits and practices of self-care and self-love, however, this personal time with self, body and spirit is absolutely paramount for making me an enjoyable person to be around and for helping me navigate stress and change.

In addition, I receive the benefits of glowing skin, an improved immune system, healthy circulation and the feel good pleasure of lovingly anointing myself with warm oil and nature's finest essential oils.

I feel like a queen each day.  I feel cared for, loved and abundant - from the inside out.

I invite you to add to your life the simple ritual of warming coconut or sesame seed oil, and creating ten minutes (or more if possible) in the morning before you shower or before you go to bed, to massage yourself from crown to soles. Leave the oil on for an additional five minutes before taking a shower.

To the warm oil, I often add doTERRA essential oils such as Wild Orange (uplifting and known as the oil of Abundance), Frankincense (a royal oil that is a natural antidepressant and know to be tumor reductive and Cilantro (for clearing of heavy metals).

This practice has been deeply nourishing and healing and it setting a healthy example for my girls as they embark on and deepen their personal and spiritual hygiene.
— Jocelyn Gordon

To stay committed to daily habits and practices of self-care, that prioritize our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being can be quite challenging for us moms, but this is absolutely the only way that we can best serve others, be there for our children, and be able to navigate through this crazy and beautiful journey of life as a women and as a parent.

Magic Monday is a blog that gives you tips and inspiration to set your intentions, so as you prepare to set your intentions for this coming week, I would like to encourage you to do more things that make you feel happy, loved and fulfilled and to set the powerful intention to put as many of those things as you possibly can on the top of your priority list for the week.  

With love and gratitude


P.S. Well Being is the theme for  The Powerful Moms Effect -  a free global meditation event hosted by Jocelyn Gordon from Dare to Live and Hoop Yogini and me - Adriana Carballo from Powerful Moms. Join us in our journey to align our hearts, create harmony and healing in our bodies, homes and communities.