Life is Awesome - Oh yes it is!!!


My beautiful niece Alicia posted the picture of her cat a couple of days ago. All she wrote on the post was. Qué linda es la vida! which means: What a beautiful life! 
I got up from my desk and reached out for this card in my kitchen, close to other notes I want to look at any time I remember.

Life is Awesome is an affirmation that we use as a declaration on the HoopYogini practice.

We actually have a pose with the same name.


The words on the card in my kitchen are from one of the HoopYogini instructors, who shared how she often encounters resistance when the Life is Awesome part of the series comes around. 

Her reflections on the resistance were beautiful, honest and powerful and I want to share them with you today with a big desire in my heart that you too, can understand and appreciate the transformational power of that declaration.

"I feel resistance because honestly, life doesn't feel super awesome, and the declaration falls flat, feels hollow. I appreciate that our perception creates our reality, but I can't (and don't think it's useful to) pretend that suffering isn't real in my life, or the lives of all beings. So, what I'm working with now is the original rather than the colloquial definition of awesome (which maybe was Jocelyn's intention all along):

Awesome: extremely impressive or daunting; causing or inducing awe; inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fear: an awesome sight.

That's real in my heart. Sometimes that awesomeness is beauty, and joy, and inspiration and bright, deep knowing, and sometimes it's profound sadness and the inevitability of loss and feelings of powerlessness. 

So allowing room for the full spectrum of life and its variety of experiences to become expressed through the


the declaration has really changed my relationship to that part of the practice. Life is awesome--good, rich, nourishing, frightening, unpredictable, incomprehensibly vast--and here am I, doing my practice, despite all what is happening in my life, doing my best to step courageously toward awareness. 😉

 I have also been reflecting a lot about Life is Awesome lately. I kind of love the word AWESOME but I too, have felt resistance some times.

What I've noticed is that with the practice of allowing myself to be in the moment and feel everything;  without judgement or wanting it to mean anything  or be something it is not, I have been able to realize that LIFE IS TRULY AWESOME.

Today is my birthday and one of my biggest desires is to share HoopYogini joy and love in Costa Rica - where I come from - and in Denmark - where I live. So I will be doing that. 


It is also Friday and the day where I used to post about CELEBRATION of successes and celebration of the closeness of the match. So remember to celebrate every single step you have taken towards your goals and desires, celebrate your success, find something to celebrate. And remember that LiFE IS AWESOME.