After 4 years since my last holiday and family visit in Costa Rica, I am going back in December 2017 and this time I am taking my kids on an adventure that I've been dreaming about taking them since they were born. :-) 

A Rain Forest adventure in one of the most gorgeous eco-lodges located in a magnificent spot. Luna Lodge in Osa Península, described as "... the most biologically intense place on Earth." by National Geographic Magazine.  

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because Luna Lodge truly is a unique experience not found elsewhere in Costa Rica or the world.  The area is one of the most bio-diverse spots on the planet.

Because this is a unique opportunity to experience this place at a very good price. AT COST group rates - paid directly to Luna Lodge. (50% needs to be paid by September 1st to confirm the rooms - remaining 50% by October 1st)

Because I'm going to be there with my kids (December 2 - 7, 2017) and would love to share this experience with more people. 

And because I've decided to do something special (but 100% optional) for everyone joining us. 

Frances Delahanty from Exquisite Life, Brandy Simison from All Star Kiddos and myself from Powerful Moms will be offering FREE and optional activities for everyone joining us - especially designed for couples - parents - kids. 



Luna Lodge is one of my favorite places in Costa Rica - where I come from - .Owned by a dear friend and amazing woman, Lana whom I met and worked with when I was very young working in the tourism industry.

Lana's and Luna Lodge are committed to protecting, preserving and raising awareness about the rain forest. She built Luna Lodge together with friends and family, carrying and laying one stone at a time to build Luna Lodge with the less impact to the environment. She envisioned it and created it specifically to look as if it is part of the tapestry of the forest. Each stone step laid by loving hands, cultivating a very special place where each action has a loving respectful intention at its core.  I WANT TO SHOW THIS PLACE TO MY CHILDREN AS A WAY FOR THEM TO CONNECT WITH NATURE, TO FEEL PROUD OF WHERE THEY COME FROM , TO BECOME MORE AWARE ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF PROTECTING AND PRESERVING OUR BEAUTIFUL PLANET AND LAST BUT ABSOLUTELY NOT LEAST TO HEAR THE STORY ABOUT HOW THIS PLACE WAS BUILT AND THE IMPORTANCE TO FOLLOW THEIR DREAMS AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD.

It is also a secluded eco-lodge voted 4th most romantic places in the world. A PERFECT PLACE FOR COUPLES TO RECONNECT WITH EACH OTHER (and if you have kids I would like to have them with me one half day so that you can have this time on your own) 

Why at-cost?  

My lovely friend and 5 Star Client Frances and I have pre-booked eight rooms from December 2nd to 7th, 2017. Frances has had a dream of hosting a retreat in the Caribbean or the Tropics for a few years and when she heard I was going to be in Costa Rica plus she's celebrating her 80th birthday on December 6th, we decided to put something together and see what happened. 

For some reasons we decided to not go ahead with this, but we are still going to be there. We have the room allotment and a very good price that is only offered for groups, so we decided to share this with our friends and family. 

Why now?

We have pre-booked eight rooms and we have requested Luna Lodge to extend the date to release and/or confirm the rooms to no later than September 1st. The owner is a gorgeous woman and very dear friend. The reservations staff has been so amazing with me and I want to give it a try and see how many rooms can be allocated. 

If you want to join us you will pay the 50% of the at cost price directly to Luna Lodge and the remaining 50% by October 1st. 

The rooms and prices

There are three types of accommodations at Luna Lodge: Bungalows - Hacienda Rooms - Luxury Tents.

All prices are per person in DBL occupancy. If you have children the best option will be an Hacienda Room or a Bungalow. At this time we have 5 bungalows (only 3 available) - 1 Hacienda Room and 2 Luxury Tents. If more needed we will check with Luna and see what's possible.  But please let us know in advance. 

All prices are in USD and include:

  • 5 nights of accommodation.
  • 3 organic, delicious and prepared with lots of love meals per day.
  • Round trip private group charter flight from San José to Luna Lodge. (maximum luggage allowance of 12 kilos on charter flights) Flights are scheduled to depart San José on December 2nd between 7 and 8 am. 
  • One optional workshop for couples. Two optional workshops for parents. 1 Half Day Activities with the children. 
  • Whatever more fun we can come up with along the day and once we are there. 



$1325 p/p in DBL room

Each bungalow has two double beds, a private deck, and a private bathroom with shower and bathtub. Large windows and a high thatched-palm roof provide for ample air circulation, while walls of white cane add a decorative rustic touch. Each bungalow has access to a lush private garden just off the shower, smoothing the transition to the rain forest outside, yet keeping it all protected with a handcrafted stone wall.

Children 5 - 11 years  - $93 per child/per night


$1175 p/p in DBL room

The hacienda-styled rooms are closer to the main lodge and are fully enclosed. Designed to be spacious with private baths in a colonial style, the view is spectacular and the toucans love to visit the neighboring trees in the afternoon.

Children 5 - 11 years  - $93 per child/per night


$1050 p/p in DBL room

The completely enclosed “nature-lover” luxury tents have two single beds or one double bed, a private bathroom with hot water, electricity, and a balcony overlooking the canopy of the rain forest.

Children 5 - 11 years  - $93 per child/per night

Two beautiful friends are coming and the 3 of us would like to offer a free optional activity for everyone interested. 

Fran is a professionally trained and certified master holistic life coach. She is also a licensed psychologist and the founder of Exquisite Life. Her training includes cognitive-behavioral therapy, gestalt therapy and client-centered therapy and also did extensive training in Marshal Rosenberg’s system of Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

She will be sharing her new passion in coaching. Helping couples reconnect with each other, find their passion, and continue to create a life together that is “juicy” and sweet.


Brandy Simison is the founder of All Star Kiddos. She helps parents have a life with more ease, while bringing forth the potential in their children. 

She will be sharing her proven Star System that leads children into creating healthy habits and realizing their potential, taking initiative while you all experience a more peaceful, relaxed and happy environment. 


Read more about Brandy HERE.


Adriana Carballo - ME - from Powerful Moms.  I am committed to helping mothers live and parent from a space of unconditional self-love and self-care. 

I'll do a workshop to discover which area of your life might be craving more attention. In a fun and safe space we'll identify what is not working, get clear on what you want, and how you can incorporate what you want into your life right away.  PLUS a bit of  HoopYogini™ fun for everyone. 


HoopYogini™ is an amazing transformational fitness offering that combines hula hooping with hatha yoga and mindfulness meditation. It follows the yoga philosophy that says "our posture should be a perfect balance of structure and relaxation, effort and ease, and joy. I am currently a HoopYogini™ Teacher Trainee and I am expecting to become certified by the time I am in Costa Rica. I want to figure out how to bring hula hoops to Luna Lodge and have a daily practice and dancing practice there. 
You can read more about HoopYogini™ HERE.