Don’t just sit in an ivory tower planning to perfection. Beta test that offer
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Let’s create something beautiful together! Apply to join the first Happy Family beta group and help me help more moms and have more happy families around the world!

The Happy Family is a 12 week life coaching program. It integrates hula hooping and mindfulness to achieve the desired results for the participants.

In 12 weeks you will:

  • Connect with your body and exercise in a fun way

  • Learn how to hula hoop and improve your posture

  • Calm your mind and improve focus

  • Design your day around simple practices and 3 daily habits that will help you stay focused and add ease to your days.

  • Learn how to apply the Universal Laws of Attraction, Deliberate Creation, Allowing and Reflection.

  • Learn activities that you can do with your family

  • Feel more confident, connected, happy and peaceful.

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  • ❤ You feel disconnected from your kids and/or partner.

  • ❤ You are struggling with overwhelm and lack of energy, time, focus and confidence to get things done.

  • Rushed and unplugged are the first words that come to mind when describing how you feel with one word.

  • ❤ You go to bed at night worried about your marriage, if your kids are thriving or tired and frustrated about your job.

  • ❤ You secretly fear that you will never finish something you start.

  • ❤ You secretly wish to feel more feminine and that your husband was more romantic.

  • Can’t remember the last time you had a lot of fun exercising your body.



❤ The Happy Family is a 12 week life coaching program that follows the 3 stages of the Happy Family framework. It includes 6 x 1:1 coaching sessions and you will learn the HoopYogini Spinal Awakening Series.

I am looking for a small group of 3 - 11 moms to be a part of the first BETA test of this program so that I can:

  • get feedback to tweak and improve the content

  • get reviews and testimonials

❤ To participate you have to fill out this short survey to apply and book a call with me to discover if you are the right fit!

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3 Steps To Go From Overwhelmed and Disconnected to Happy and Empowered



Improve your posture and overall well-being. Reconnect with your power, your body, your desires and begin to connect with your hula hoop.

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Get crystal clear about how U want to show up as a woman, mother & partner. Design your day & apply the 3 daily habits that will help you stay focused and add ease to your days.

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Integrate what you have been practicing with the people that matter most in your life. Explore new ways to move and play with your hula hoop and in your life.

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I have realized that I can’t just go around waiting for a perfect day. I need to have the clarity of what I want. I have stopped speaking about all kinds of things that annoy me when having dinner with my family. Now I have noticed I talk about things that excite me and make me happy.

Tatiana, Copenhagen

It was definitely very different from anything else I have tried - being yoga, dance, running and general fitness classes - because it combined the playfulness and physical exercise of the hula hoop with the mindfulness of yoga. As a person who is easily bored, often restless and not that fond of exercising, this was a perfect fit for me. The combination of play, being graceful and mental awareness really resonated with me.

Eliana, Copenhagen

Adriana exudes enthusiasm, patience an understanding throughout the entire process.
I have come so far in my life with Adriana by my side.
Thank you for showing and reminding me that I am a creator, beautiful spiritual being, and that I am WORTHY to live the life of my dreams. Adriana is truly inspirational

Nadia Appleby, South Africa

The hoop creates a space, which you are not aware of in everyday life, but it is around you. It is only yours and unique and you are always safe in this space. Yoga practice with hoop despite of inner peace and ease will bring also a beautiful childlike joy into your life.

Magdalena, Copenhagen

What motivates me to work with Adriana is her positive energy, playfulness, focus on finding peace, creativity and charm.

Julianna, Copenhagen

Thank you so much for sharing a some fun and excitement at the beach today! We had a great time today, I did not even think one could learn hula hooping at 40+, but you proved me wrong 😁. - A dad in Denmark

Adriana is very open minded and positive person! I recharge by participating her HoopYogini session sooo much!! She taught us how to move our bodies with hoops and how effective to our mind and bodies as well.

Thank you for giving your energy all the time, life is awesome! I highly recommend her workshop.

Hiroko - Sato, Japan

It is always great to meet people with the similar joy and love towards life. For me that kind of meditation/training/therapy when I can share this feelings also with my partner is the most valuable. I'm very grateful for such experience because we as a couple had an opportunity to answer questions we've never asked before. Classes with Adriana are more than just a fitness. You can also open your mind and heart wider.

Magdalena, Couples in a Hoop Workshop

The three meditations to Connect, Activate and Trust Your Power have been very effective for me to work with. They generate more energy and excitement, two of the feelings I’ve been craving to experience for a long time. Moreover, the soothing sounds of the music is literally felt in the body. The vibrations of the music support the empowering words very well. As a result, I feel more excited and empowered to parent my son with a sense of flow, patience, acceptance and joy.

Cecilia Vinkel, Denmark

About Your Coach and HoopYogini Teacher :-)

On the surface I am a life coach, a mother, a HoopYogini Master Teacher, and a Hoop Love coach, but what I really do is to activate happiness and connection and add joy into the every day lives of families around the world.

I believe that happiness takes continuous effort to create and to maintain and that living with JOY is possible in every area of our lives. My work is focused on mothers - especially those who live abroad and away from their ROOTS - to live and parent from a space of joy and ease rather than chaos and struggle.

I use the hula hoop as a tool to help you feel more alive, playful, peaceful, connected with you body and your loved ones AND to learn how to bring all of that to other areas of your life.

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I also believe in PERFECT DAYS. Perfectly imperfect days as I love calling them. We can create and experience a life that is perfect for each one of us and our families without compromising our mental, physical or emotional health. I want mothers to make self-love and self-care a priority. By putting yourself first your are putting your loved ones first too.

In my work I blend my passion for living with joy, empowering families and women, holistic wellness and movement into a unique and powerful offering to help you activate play and possibility in your life.

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The Happy Family Activates Happiness and Connection with Yourself and Your Family.

It brings joy and ease into your day.

No previous experience with a hula hoop is required.